High Definition Image : Small physical pitch and 1500-2500 nits brightness make high definition and vivid image.
High Uniformity & Contrast : High quality led lamp and mask for super bright display and high contrast image;
High Refresh Rate : 1920hz refresh rate and constant current ensure the colourful and stable playing effect;
Reliable : Over 100000 working hours for longtime use;
Multi-Control Systems : Synchronous and asynchronous systems for option.

8GB Memory, Expending memory by U-disk
Control Range 2048*1028 Widest 3840, Hightest 4096
Support video hard decoding, 60Hz output
Support HDMI video zoom no need work with video processor to play full screen synchronously
Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management, free of wiring and cost savings
Support 3G/4G (optional) Remote cluster control

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